Your travel to Haidakhan


Of course You can visit any center or Ashram in Your country, because there are many wonderful Babaji places in the west, but to travel to Haidakhan includes a very special blessing and cosmic adventure.

First You choose Your favourite airline or flight and take off to Delhi/India.

Arriving in Delhi You can go on with travelling or You stay short time to „arrive“ and to get used to the „new time“ and the climate of India and choose a nice hotel.

There are many many hotels in Delhi in all price levels and comfort levels to get, there are several pages where you can search Your favourite hotel.

You can also ask an Indian travel agent to arrange Your travel incl. the flight tickets, hotel stays or train tickets. He, Khajan Joshi, will arrange everything for You.

From Delhi You have to go to Haldwani or Kathgodam which are the closest cities on the way to Haidakhan. Traintickets are available at the „NEW DELHI RAILWAY STATION“ in the tourist office at the first floor at this building.

Normally You get tickets for the same day there or the next day. They have special contingents for tourists from foreign countries.

There are two trains going to Haldwani/Kathgodam. One is in the night and the other in the morning.

You can also take buses or taxis.

In Haldwani a taxi can pick You up and bring You to Haidakhan or You stay one night there, the best stay is in the Nanak Hotel in the center of Haldwani, but there are different hotels also.

Money You can change in Delhi (but not at the airport, because bad rate) in cash. You can also use Your Giro-Card or Your credit card to change money at every ATM machine, which are many now in India. There You get the bank-rate and have to pay some „taxes“. Sometimes those cards have to be prepaired from the bank for this, please ask for this. Credit cards are easy possible at any ATM (bankomat) machine.

Cash is not so easy to change in India, but You can do this. In Haldwani the ICICI Bank is changing cash.

The Ashram Bill can be paid in currency. (300 INR per day)

The Ashram can not change money.

So, the best for you is to do Your money business before coming to Haidakhan.

Jai Sri Lakshmi Ma !!!

The costs of a taxi Delhi to Haidakhan is around 9.300 INR

The costs for a trainticket is between 500 and 1200 INR

The costs of a bus is around 300 INR

The costs of taxi Haldwani - Haidakhan is 1250 INR

Share taxis are more cheap.

Flight tickets, hotels and taxis can be booked for you from Mr. Khajan Joshi +91 8006236111      

email:  click here for website

For any taxi arrangement You can also phone to Gopal, our long year taxi driver and the ex driver of Sri Munirajji. You can reach Him with phone or Email:

+91 941 777 197 or +91 975 6069 347